Monday, August 11, 2008

Work in Progress

Here are some in progress shots of a wall piece I am working on at the moment. The black "chain" links are just drawn in sharpie. They will eventually be embroidered, but I haven't decided what stitch or colors to use. The top platter is about 8" tall, and the bottom one is about 6" wide. Right now, the only thing embroidered on them is hands. The top platter has a hand, letting the chain fall, and the bottom platter has two cupped hands ready to catch it. I also have not decided yet if I will do a border on these. So, they sit unfinished until I make up my mind or just start drilling. Usually I just start drilling because it seems like I can never make up my mind.


Manda said...

oooo neat!!!

i think you should do
the links in
the same colors as you
did with your drawing!
that would be really awesome!

cant wait to see


Lauren McAdams said...

have you considered giving the links fabricated form and have them come out of the platter?

Lynette said...

For this piece, I did not consider that, but I have some other platters in progress that incorporate a piece of jewelry that is attached to the platter and also part of the design. The platter will act as both display and creating a sculptural piece when the jewelry is not being worn. Hopefully I will finish one of those soon, I have a lot of things in progress right now, Ive had a hard time really committing to any of them. The more time I have to think things through for each one, the more confident I feel in the choices that I make, so when I get stuck on one, I just move to another until I make a decision.
Thanks for the advice:) Its a great idea.