Tuesday, August 19, 2008


School starts back up on Monday. As I was riding my bike to the studio today, I realized just how soon that is.
On my plate this semester:
Teaching Metalworking 1

Classes I am taking:
Metalworking, Intaglio, and History of the Decorative Arts in Interiors (which I am REALLY excited about!)

I also have my 15 hour review in October, which means I am reviewed by a committee of art faculty and depending on if I pass, I will then begin working towards my thesis show.
Its going to be a busy semester!


Sara said...

um - wikipedia says that: Intaglio (pronounced in-TAL-yo, IPA: [ɪn'tælɪəʊ]) is a family of printmaking techniques in which the image is incised into a surface, known as the matrix or plate.

So, what's the class covering? I'm intrigued.

Lynette said...

Wikipedia is exactly right. I actually took this same class my first semester and am taking it again because I loved it so much. It covers drypoint, which is scratching a design into plexiglass, filling it with ink, and then sending it through a printing press to pront the image on paper. It also covers etching, which is where you cover a metal plate with a resist, scratch through the resist, submerge it in acid, the acid eats away at the metal where the resist was removed and creates a line. The resist is removed, the plate inked and printed. You can see an example of my first print ever here...
I wish I had pictures of my other prints, but I guess I never photographed them.