Saturday, June 27, 2009


A couple of weekends ago I went to my husbands family's cabin in Pine, AZ. My favorite thing to do in Pine is go to all the little antique shops. It's so fun! We passed this road while exploring the cool would it be to live on Anvil Rd?!I scored a bunch of old blacksmith tools for practically nothing!The hammers just needed a little refinishing and they were good as new! Two of them were even handmade hammers which is totally awesome.

I also got this little note holder which I hung in my studio for to do lists. I like it! Hopefully we will get to go back to the cabin sometime this summer before school starts again!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Work for Portrait Show

Just mailed these pieces off to the Portrait Show at Shaw Gallery. (I don't have access to a nice camera this summer so these pictures are the best I have.)
Other Artists in the show include,
Margaux Lange
Robert Ebendorf
Tom Mann
Susan Hoge
If you are in or near Northeast Harbor, Maine on July 9th, head on over to the opening reception from 5-7, or be sure to check out the show, it runs until July 22nd. Dean's Gone Fishin'
Sterling Silver, Ebony, Paint
(lazer engraved photo of my dad as a child)
Bowtie (Brooch)
Sterling silver, ebony, paint
(lazer engraved photo of my dad as a child)Moms Wrinkles
Sterling Silver, Ebony, Paint
(lazer engraved photo of my mom laughing)
Eye Ring
Sterling Silver, Ebony, Paint
(lazer engraved photo of my eye)
Mementos (brooches)
sterling silver, brass

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I hate Buffing.

I really do.
Today, I turned this really pretty chain:
Into this deformed mess of scrap metal:

I was buffing it and it got caught in the wheel. The chain whipped around, shattered the light bulb, sliced open my hand and totally mangled. Poo. That means this piece will not be making it to the Portrait show at Shaw Gallery.:( Stay tuned for the pieces that did survive:)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Photos

A couple of weeks ago I applied for the MJSA (Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America) Scholarship. Part of the application was to submit photographs of your jewelry on a model. I have never had to submit photos like that before, so I didn't have any. Luckily I have a very talented friend who is an amazing photographer. Janalee Acereto took these gorgeous shots of my jewelry and I am soooo happy with how they turned out! (see more photos here) The model is my other friend Breanne Johnson...isn't she beautiful?!
Cross your fingers that I get the scholarship!
Many thanks go out to Jana for the photos and Breanne for being such a beautiful model! Im lucky to have friends who are willing to help me so last minute with my crazy requests:)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Earrings Galore

My friend Jill was able to go to the opening for the Earrings show at Heidi Lowe Gallery in Rehoboth, Delaware this weekend. She took some pictures, and I loved how Heidi set up the show so much that I wanted to share with you. What a fantastic way to display earrings!!! And thanks to Jill for the photos!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Resurrect: Opening Reception

On Friday night I went to the opening reception for the Resurrect:Art of the Reclaimed Object show at Mesa Art Center. The opening was well attended and the show was laid out beautifully (as always). I love Mesa Art Center, they have the most gorgeous space, everyone that works/volunteers there is wonderful and they always have awesome shows!
Here are some views of the gallery:This was the piece I had in the show:
Lock for a Lost Love
Found silver platter, copper, glass, embroidery, pearls, hair
12"x12"x2"These are some of the pieces from the show that I really liked:This one above I thought was really funny.
Place of Magic
Collage on TileTom Shields
Found furnitureFrancesca Vitali had 3 pieces of jewelry that were really cool to see in person, check out photos of her work by clicking on her name.
Also the work of Marlene True.
St. Elise
Tin, Steel, Enamel Paint

My New Panties Series
Wallpaper, hoop, mixed media
Lilyana Bekic
Life is Splendid (Bustle)
Splenda Wrappers, cotton, plasticMargaret Whiting
Law Books The Sergei Isupov show Androgyny was still up, and his work is amazing in person! The textures and shading are so unbelievable!
This is one of his pieces (above).Here are some shots of the art really is a beautiful place!
They had a live band playing which was really fun.
The Fragmented Landscape public art pieces by Ned Kahn.
The Mesa Art Center Store. Be sure to stop in if you go to the show, I have jewelry for sale there!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Laser Engraved Ebony: New Series

Currently working on a new series of laser engraved ebony pieces for jewelry. These are the first completed pieces in the new series. I took some pictures as I made them so you can see the process. I forgot to take pictures of the actual laser engraving so I will do that next time.After I engrave the ebony I rolled some wire out flat to frame the piece with some scroll work.This is after the pieces of wire have been shaped.Soldered to the bezel.Set into the bezel.Now rolling some jump rings for the chain.Connecting the links.Links shaped and connected ready for soldering. Soldering each link closed (takes FOREVER!)
Waaalaaa! The final products. Stay tuned for lots more of this, I've got lots of ideas brewing and will be asking for reader participation in this series really soon.