Saturday, August 16, 2008

Last Weekend Trip

This weekend I took what may be my last weekend trip for a few months. School starts next week, which pretty much guarantees the end of all recreational activities. Anyway, we had a family reunion up at the family cabin in Pine, Arizona. It was really fun to spend the weekend with almost the whole family, especially all of our neices and nephews (we have 22)! All the wild blackberries were ripe, so my nieces and I picked loads of them and made fresh dutch oven blackberry cobbler. It was AMAZING! We also made apple and peach cobbler, but the blackberry was the most delicious and the first to get all gobbled up. I wish I could have gotten a picture of it all cooked, but by the time it was done it was way too dark outside!

We did lots of fun things, but one of the all time favorite cabin past times is painting rocks for the rock garden.

This was my artistic endeavor for the weekend, and my addition to the garden. Do you think I can include that in my portfolio?:) In case you can't tell, its a sumo wrestler. They make me laugh.

Oh, and we did a little antique shopping and I found some great things which I will post soon!


Sara said...

I love Mr. Sumo. He totally belongs in your portfolio.

Janalee said...

I didn't know blackberries grew in az so abundantly - I'd like to go there. You know all the good places.