Friday, August 15, 2008


I don't believe you have been formally introduced to my friend Coppersmith. He lives with me, and he likes to eat my art stuff (especially expensive prismacolor pencils and doilies). I've had him for just over a year now. The little boy who owned Copper before me named him Waffles. He even has a tattoo in his ear that says WFL (the rabbitt not the kid). I thought he needed a more fitting name so we came up with Coppersmith and it just fit. Isn't he cute? His favorite food is cilantro and he does not like carrots. He also likes to thump his back feet really loud on the floor and shake his ears back and forth angrily when he doesn't get his way. If you scratch behind his ears in exactly the right spot, he stretches out like a dog. Oh, and he likes toes.


Sara said...

He seriously looks stuffed...he is so perfect-looking. I had no idea you had a pet...Interesting.

Oh, I loved Jana's post on your book club, but I also hated it because I couldn't be there - it looked like so much fun. Grrr...

Ashley said...

I thought he was a stuffed animal and had to look twice!
I've been wanting a bunny lately. Brooke's bunny photos inspired me. My two dogs wouldn't like that though. So cute!