Sunday, August 31, 2008

Recent Etsy Buys/Trades

I LOVE this Faux Moss Ring by AdornJewelry! I also love ALL of the wall pillow tiles by Stepanka! This little one looks adoreable in my bathroom! I also really want this one!
I had to get this Vampire Robot Pouch from one of my very favorite Etsy Sellers, AnatomyofaSkirt! I can use it to carry my stuff when I go see Twilight on NOVEMBER 21st! :)
(P.S. More about this later.)
I love EVERYTHING that this talented metalsmith, Victoria Takahashi of Experimetal makes! She is also a fellow member of EtsyMetal.When I saw this adoreable plush toy hammer by RipleyBean, I had to get it for my Metals Professor's newborn baby boy!
And, I just recently traded Time2Cre8 for TONS of lovely paper goods!
Go check them all out, they are ALL awesome Etsy Sellers!


Janalee said...

what are you going to do with the paper faces?

And what are you going to put in the backpack for Twilight?

love the moss ring. Will it die or live forever or what?

I sound like an annoying 5-year-old

Ashley said...

Great finds! You know I'm a big experimetal fan too. Those earrings are super.

Lynette said...

No idea what I am going to do with the paper faces! They are tags, so maybe I will just use them as gift tags. I also got tons of other tags and notecards from that lady, so I am fully stocked on paper goods for a while!
I dont know what Im going to put in the vampire pouch, but she made me another one that is SUPER cool that I will post pics of soon.
The moss ring is fake, hence the faux:) It will live forever in its green plasticyness.

Jewelry Making said...

I love the ring! I have never thought like that.