Tuesday, January 27, 2009

30th Annual Mesa Contemporary Crafts Opening Reception

The opening reception for the Mesa Contemporary Craft Show was on Friday night. The show was really great and a wonderful display of what is going on in the craft world today. I wish a bit more work had been included in the show, I never mind if a gallery is a bit packed (just means more to look at), but the juror did a great job selecting pieces that were very diverse, while also complimenting eachother.
I had so many friends and family come to support me and I appreciate you ALL! Thanks so much to everyone who came. Really. You guys mean a lot to me:) My mom always takes a picture of me by my work. I get really red and embarrassed every single time, but I love her for it. Thanks mom! See, you always said someday I'd thank you:)
Anyway, the show was awesome and you should all go see it if you can. It stays up until March 15th.
Just in case you are curious, here are some of my favorite pieces in the show:

Orange Fruit Bauble by Angela Cunningham.

Vital Entity by Helen Otterson. Booster Series by Natalya Pinchuk.

Stonehenge Bookends by Seth Rolland.

Siren by Lilyana Bekic.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

American Craft

Have you gotten your issue of American Craft Magazine yet this month?
Check out page 20!
My work is being featured in the "Hot Spots" Section, for the Mesa Contemporary Crafts Exhibition!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Economy Finally Hit Home

Well. Not sure where to start...

ASU announced today that it will be combining the College of the Arts, and the College of Design. Mostly motivated by budget cuts, the school is being forced to choose things/jobs/programs/people to eliminate. ASU has already taken more than $37 million in state funding cuts. On top of these cuts, a new proposal would require ASU to cut another $70 million, or 35% of our remaining state funding, in less than five months. Another cut of $155 million is proposed for FY10. The University has already cut hundreds of jobs.
I heard recently that the University of Arizona is cutting its entire art department and no longer offering art degrees.
I am scared for the future. I hope this merger with the arts and design will be good and beneficial to both parties, but it feels a little scary. I know it won't affect me really as a student, because I won't be here much longer, but what I do think about its my future in the field. How long will the economy stay in a recession? And by the time we get out of this recession, how many schools will have eliminated their art programs?
I also teach metals classes for the Phoenix Art Center which was recently in danger of being shut down due to state budget cuts. The resolution was that it will stay open, but cut costs by 68%. I'm pretty sure that means I won't be teaching there anymore.
These are hard times, even so, we still have to continue to support the arts so they aren't lost! I'm worried that if we don't fight hard now to keep these programs going, it won't be long before they disappear.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Love Letters Piece and Opening Reception

Here are the pictures of my full piece for the Love Letters show. I was assigned the letter "L". My piece is called, "Lock for a Lost Love." It is made of copper, an altered found silver platter, a lens, pearls and embroidery thread.
If you missed the reception last night, there is still one more chance to go see the show!
Modified Arts
407 E. Roosevelt
Phoenix, Arizona 85004
First Friday, February 6th – Closing Reception

Here are some pictures from last nights reception. Special thanks to all who came, its always nice to have friends come! I appreciate each and everyone of you. Truly!
Gallery shots.Some of the work.
I will have to take better pictures at the next reception!My friends pretending to be really intrigued by my piece:)
Hubby and me.

Great friends!

Super Secret Fantasy Dream

Do any of you have a secret fantasy dream job? Like, if you could do anything, anything, what would you do? Or maybe if you are happy where you are at, what is something that you have wondered about being?
Want to know what my secret fantasy job is? I want to make jewelry for a movie. Like Lord of the Rings, or the Duchess, or Twilight, or anything! Everytime I see a movie I scour it, looking for metalwork. And I think to myself, if only they had asked me. If only...sigh.
Anybody know some big time movie producer? Let them know I will work for free. I just want to do it!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sneak Peak: Love Letters

Finally finished my piece for the Love Letters show today...after weeks of frustration and things gone wrong! Sometimes I have such a hard time with theme shows. AND, I felt a lot of pressure to make something good for this show because its the first time I am really participating in First Fridays downtown, and serveral friends that I look up to are in the show. Both reasons gave me tons of anxiety resulting in a mental block. Anyway, I figured it out and it feels good to be done. Part of my own personal closure when I complete a piece is getting it photographed. I never feel really done until I take photos. Im still not great at taking pictures of these wall pieces, but its getting a little better. Anyway, here is a sneak preview of my piece for the show. If you want to see the whole thing you will have to come to Modified Arts, or wait until the show is over and I post the full photos!

Two things I need to apply for...

I especially need to apply for this first one! And I really need to hurry if I am going to make it to the second one...500 Found-Object Works
Juror: Suzie MillionsE
ditor: Suzanne TourtillottEntry
deadline: March 15, 2009
Lark Books seeks one-of-a-kind images of found-object art to publish in a juried collection representing the most creative examples in this exciting genre. While material options are endless (recycled/repurposed wood, paper, plastics, electronics and the like), we will accept only professional quality photography. Due to trademarkconsiderations, very few works featuring recognizable brand names or logos will be accepted. This publication is scheduled for release in Fall 2010. There is no entry fee. Download an entry form here.

Jewelry Design Challenge: 30-Minute Earrings
Editor: Marthe Le Van
Entry Deadline: January 26, 2009
Are you a skilled and imaginative jewelry designer who is up for a challenge? Great! Your mission is to design a pair of earrings that can be made in 30 minutes flat.30-Minute Earrings will showcase more than 50 incredibly stylish step-by-step projects that can be created without investing too much of a valuable commodity—time! The selected earring designs will be modern and sophisticated and encompass many different styles and techniques. The common denominator will be fast projects that look terrific! PS: In 30-Minute Earrings, we won’t be teaching fundamental jewelry making techniques. Designers can assume that their readers are already proficient (and quick!) at skills such as sawing, soldering, and finishing. Accept the challenge! Download an entry form here.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Its funny. Just the other day I was thinking about how my blog is a very censored view of what I do. Then today I saw a friend and he commented to me about how it seems that lately I have had a lot of great opportunities involving my work. This is true. But here, I pretty much only share with you the things that go well, the ideas that work out, and the shows I get accepted to. What I don't share with you is all the things that don't go so well. The ideas that never work out, the failed attempts, the stack of rejection letters, the amounts of money I spend on materials with no guarantee of a return or steady income. Sometimes (okay, often) I spend weeks and weeks working out bad ideas, talking with peers, sketching, researching, reading, NOT sleeping, until an idea finally evolves into something I pursue. And even then, I often work on things that never reach fruition. I have so many pieces and parts of things that never became anything because they didn't work out. I have so many sketches of things that I will never make because they aren't very good ideas. I have applied to so many shows and publications that I didn't get into. This artist life that I am trying to live is not what it may seem to some. I don't just get to spend all day making things and having fun. Sometimes I spend days at my bench...just staring and flipping through books, trying to come up with something. It is hard...and sometimes very discouraging. There is so much self doubt, insecurity, and risk involved in this field. Everything I do is very personal to me. My work is who I am. Of course I love it and it is usually really fun, but not all the time. Anyway, I use this blog as a way to share what I am doing with my work, and I think maybe I need to balance more of what I share to be a more accurate representation of the good and bad. Not that I want to plaster my blog with all of my failures, but all those ideas that don't work out and the shows that I don't get into help me to grow, help my work to grow. Those things drive me to try new things, explore new ideas and take risks that I wouldn't maybe otherwise take. I am glad for those experiences and the struggles that I have to go through. If everyday was easy I don't think I would love what I do as much. I've always enjoyed a good challenge. If you don't believe me, just talk to my parents:)
So, from now on, expect a better mix of the ups and downs.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Wordy Delectables

I am a firm believer in the idea that one can never have too many books. Here are a few on my wish list as of late...
Love Entwined: The Curious History of Hairwork in America

Art of Hair Work: Hair Braiding and Jewelry of Sentiment

Imperishable Beauty

See the rest of my wordy desires here:

My Amazon.com Wish List

Upcoming Events

I have two shows coming up very soon! Please come and say hello and see my new work!

Mesa Contemporary Crafts Exhibition

"Highlighting the finest in contemporary crafts from around the country, Mesa Contemporary Art’s Annual Contemporary Crafts exhibition has become a benchmark for innovation and quality. This year represents a milestone for the museum as it celebrates the 30th anniversary of this popular juried exhibition. Representative of traditional craft mediums including ceramics, fibers, basketry, metals, wood, glass, jewelry, papermaking and book arts, this exhibition showcases 58 artworks by 39 artists from 14 states."

The opening is January 23rd from 6-8pm. The show runs Jan 23-Mar 15, 2009. Mesa Arts Center is located on the corner of Main Street and Center Street in Downtown Mesa. For more info: http://www.mesaartscenter.com/

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, "Love Letters" is an exhibition of art created by current ASU graduate students and recent graduates of the program. Artists working in various media including paint, ceramics, video, woods, fibers, metals, printmaking and photography each received a letter of the alphabet and made a piece in response to that letter. Work by 29 different artists will be presented.

The show will be at Modified Arts .
407 E. Roosevelt, Phoenix, Arizona 85004
Third Friday, January 16th – Artists’ Reception
First Friday, February 6th – Closing Reception
Sunday, February 15th – Show officially closes

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2008 top 10 most Influential Artists To Me

Well, I had planned to do this post on New Years, but that didn't happen. Instead of reflecting back on what I did in 2008, I'd like to reflect back on the 10 artists that most influenced me this year. There are many people who have influenced me, and I am greatful to them all. In this post I am only recognizing ten of them, but I hope to do posts on artists I admire more often this year. I have looked to these artists again and again, all for different reasons. They are a great source of inspiration for me and I am very greatful to them. I hope you enjoy and more fully research them yourselves. They are not in any particular order.

Kristin Beeler - I got to hear her speak at the Yuma Art Symposium and have loved her ever since. Peter Callesen- A wonderful papercut artist. I can look at his work for hours, over and over and over again and never get tired of it.

Melanie Bilenker- Makes the most beautiful drawings of everyday moments with human hair into jewelry.

Jessica Calderwood- Jessica was a graduate student when I was an undergrad. I have looked up to her for a long time. Her work just keeps getting more and more beautiful.

Becky McDonah- My professor at ASU who is a wealth of knowledge, a constant support, and a great inspiration to me.

Lauren Fensterstock- I love her use of materials. Because of her, I consider everything.

Phillip Toledano- An amazing photographer. This image is from a project he did about his relationship with his father. Everytime I go through these photos I cry. They are so beautifully honest.

Megan Auman- A very intelligent educator and metalsmith who I really look up to. I love reading her blog because she is so down to earth and real. I have really learned a lot from her.

April Wood- Just really beautiful work and images.

Miel Margarita Paredes - I am floored by this womans talent with the material. Her work is amazing. I hope to be able to see it in person someday.

If you take the time to look through these artists websites, you won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

30th Annual Mesa Contemporary Craft Show Press

Look at what I got in the mail today!!! It is the brochure for the Mesa Contemporary Craft Exhibition...and my work is on the cover!!! I am so excited! Wow!
You should all come to see the show! There are tons of other ASU people in it as well as many other artists from all over the country.
ASU graduate students in the show include: Shuching Chen, Nick Deford, Sally Gilmore, and Ann Morton.
Also, Jesse Armstrong, ASU ceramics grad has his own solo show in conjunction with the craft show as he was last years contemporary craft show jurors winner. (see center of brochure)
I especially cannot wait to see the work of Sarah Perkins, and also Natalya Pinchuk who are very well known metalsmiths.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Hunger Games

I just finished reading this book. It was amazing. AMAZING. I couldn't stop reading it. I couldn't sleep because I couldn't stop thinking about it. It was really good. It's a major bummer that it just came out this fall and who knows how long I will have to wait for the sequel. You should read it.
Another book I read recently that I really liked was:

Actually, I read it for the second time. I read it the first time over the summer. One thing I love about my breaks from school is that I don't feel guilty about reading for pleasure. Anyway, if you like sci-fi or fantasy, or books that speculate about what the future holds I definetly highly recommend these two books. They kept me sleep deprived for days:)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Just a glimpse...

Of a new piece I am playing around with.
I have been spending a lot of time making my own doilie-esque patterns in photoshop for decorative borders and frames. They look really interesting when layered on top of one another. We'll see where it takes me...