Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thrifty Finds

My absolute favorite thing to do when we go to the cabin in Pine is hit some of the antique and thrift shops. I always find something good! This time there was TONS of good stuff, most of it I couldn't afford, but here is what made it home with me. Don't you just love that adorable apron? Also got these chunky seed bead necklaces for nearly nothing. They are awesome!

I am a sucker for handmade doilies.I found a platter that matches one I have already collected, so now I have 2. Maybe I will make a diptych! It came with a spoon...not sure what I will use that for, but I am sure I can think of something!And my favorite purchase this weekend? An old brownie camera. They were practically giving it away. I don't know how to use it or if this one will even work, but it was worth a try, I have always wanted to take pictures with one. It looks pretty dirty on the inside, but I am hoping thats all thats wrong with it.

So, now I have some new things to play with. Hopefully I will have some new work to show you soon.


Denise said...

I always want to go to antique shops when I'm traveling but I can't convince Seth to go with me nor can I convince him to spare me of the kids for a few hours. I love your finds though. Very fun.