Friday, August 17, 2007

When it rains, it pours!

My dad always said that to me as a kid. The older I get, the more I realize my dad really does know everything.
On Wednesday the air conditioning in my house went out. In case you weren't sure, NO air conditioning in AZ=NO GOOD! It was 109 degrees. In case you weren't sure, that is HOT. Our house is 2 story with all 3 bedrooms upstairs. We decided the kitchen was the coolest room in the house and moved everybody downstairs. Everybody being me, my husband Scott and Coppersmith (our very hot little rabbit). We pulled our futon matress down the stairs (not fun in the sweltering heat) and put it right on the kitchen floor. And there we slept, or tried to sleep. The next day we had the repair people come out, only to tell us we needed a new air conditioner. Bad news, 3 days before my first day of graduate school. It can't be fixed until Monday, which is coincidentally the first day of class. So, we are bumming off our family for places to sleep for the next couple of days. Fun. I called my professor to tell her my wonderful news (she said sarcasm helps get you through so Im trying) and she said it could always be worse. She was right! Yesterday the clutch went out in my truck. More bad news. But, I am happy to say that no matter the obstacle, nothing will stop me from going to school, I know it is what I need to do and I am doing it! These little problems will probably be nothing compared to my 15 hour review anyway! So, wish me luck. On the bright side I've already lost 8 pounds just from sweating (eww).
We slept on separate beds so we would be less hot and we had every fan in the house pointed at us!
Poor hot little bunny!
Yes, he is laying on an icepack:( So sad!


Mandy @ Belle and Boo said...

That is such a funny photo of your bunny on an ice pack.....sorry, I know I shouldn't laugh, I hope your all cooler now & thanks so much for tagging me and introducing me to your gorgeous jewellery
Mandy :)

The Burnhams said...

Hi Lynette!
I am sooooo sorry you had to endure a night without air conditioning... Last night I forgot to turn our air down and I woke up about to die of heat stroke!!! I can't imagine being without A/C at all. I'm glad all is well now and that your cute rabbit survived!

Ashley said...

Hey Lynette,
I was wondering where you lived. Are you going to grad school at ASU? One of my best friends (print making) and her husband (jewelry) both got their MFAs there.
Thanks for tagging me!