Sunday, August 12, 2007

Star Gazing

We had a great time in Tucson. On Saturday night my mom, Scott, and I drove up to Mt. Lemmon to do some star gazing. My parents house is about 3 miles from the base of the mountain, so to drive to the first lookout point only takes about 15 minutes. I brought my old SLR camera, and our digital point and shoot camera to try to play around with taking long exposure pics. The digital ones didn't come out that great, but hopefully my film camera took better shots. Anyway, here are some of the pictures we took of the stars and overlooking Tucson.

I love Tucson. I miss so many things about it. Here are some things I miss:

-My family of course!

-Eegees (If you have been, you know, if you haven't you can never understand! An eegee is something like a smoothie or a slurpee, but really its neither, its an eegee! If you ever go to Tucson, you really must try one! And, Cap'n Eegee is quite irresistable!)

-Small family owned businesses. There are still a few...

-The mountains.

-The stars.

-The desert vegetation, especially at this time of year.

-The wildlife.

-Summer monsoons, they just aren't the same in Phoenix.

-Knowing people. Everywhere I go in Tucson there is a high likelihood I will see someone I know (or that the cop who pulls me over will be a friend from high school..hahah, see post below to hear the funny story). I miss that small town feel.

I guess those are just the first few things I can think of. All in all it was a great trip and I am already looking forward to my next trip home. They say looking back is bad luck but I couldn't help it. Goodbye for now Tucson!