Saturday, August 4, 2007

Last Chance

This weekend I took my last chance at a break before school starts and went camping. Scott and I went with some friends and family to a place called Haigler Creek. While everyone else fished I took pictures. I love photography. I think it is a good thing I took a photo class so late in my undergrad career, if I had taken it any earlier I don't think I would have been able to choose between photo and metals! Anyway, we had a blast! I even went swimming in the frigid creek. It felt great until I started thinking that crawdads were eating my toes! The boys caught lots of fish, we saw a bobcat, a horny toad, TONS of bugs, a snake, a squirell, 3 blue jays, and lots of crawdads. I felt like I didn't sleep a wink at night because I was listening to all the scary creature sounds outside my tent, but I must have slept a little heavier than I thought because everyone else heard the rain at night except me! It was a good time. We left just in time too, as soon as we started packing up to leave it sarted pouring rain. Talk about good timing (packing in the rain is NO fun!).
So that was fun, but now there is two more weeks until school starts, and I hope I am ready! I plan on spending the next two weeks finishing my "connection line" of jewlery and applying to galleries. Then I will be able to focus completely on school. This semester I will be taking two metals classes and Art History of the 20th century (I think). I want to take a light load my first semester. I will be posting projects I am working on every week, so keep checking!

Here is some cool tree fungus that I couldn't stop taking pictures of. I don't know why. It reminded me of my favorite childhood movie, "Ferngully the Last Rainforest". I love that movie!
This is a fallen tree across the creek that I was not brave enough to cross.

A smaller, less scary bridge from two fallen trees that I was coaxed into crossing.

The Horny Toad.

The coolest picture I took, I got lucky and caught an insect in mid flight.

Here is Scott with his catch. I am not the biggest fan of fishing. I am by no means a vegetarian or P.E.T.A. member, but it just seems a little mean to me, especially when they catch one and decide it is too small and then throw it back with a giant wound in its mouth. Anyway, they had fun fishing, I had fun finding cool things to take pictues of.

This is a tiny seedling no larger than a small finger, isn't nature beautiful and amazing?!


Deborah’s Desert Creations said...

The photo's are awesume and especially, the last flower with the bee flying. You timed it perfectly. Pretty amazing! I thoroughly enjoy your blog.