Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Better Shots...

I took new images today of my newest pieces, as promised! I am also almost finished with a ring that goes along with the series, which I will be posting pictures of soon! I am super disappointed because the gallery that I was hoping to get these into is not currently look for artists. Anyone know of a space my work would fit well into?
(The piece pictured above is called, "Belonging.")
This one is my favorite. I like the colors, the texture, the size, I think this one is the most sucessful so far. It's called, "Inclusion."

This one is not my favorite...So far it has been dexcribed as a "70's bathroom" and a "plate of peas and carrots." Hmm, not exactly what I was going for...

The back of peas and carrots. Actually this one is called, "Acceptance." I got the texture by hammering it on the concrete for a while. All of these pieces are made with sterling silver, copper and embroidery thread (with the exception of the first piece, "Belonging", which does not contain copper.)