Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Thanks to my technisavvy husband, I now have a page that can direct to my website, blog, or shop. So, if you have bookmarked you will now be directed to this page (pictured above).
Oh google, how I love you (and your free services)!


alisa said...

that is fancy! looks great!

Lora Hart said...

What a great idea! Does your hubby rent his services? I'd love this feature!

XO said...

nice! I didn't know you could do that for free.... I'm taking a Web Development class at the local community college (I know, I have a Bachelor's and it's the first community college course I've ever taken). Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. So fun to learn this stuff!

Lynette said... page maker. Although I dont think that you can use it anymore, but its because they are making an EVEN better free service called Google sites! I heart google:)

Lynette said...

lora...actually, he is not a professional, its really easy! Its a free service from google (see above). Just google search google sites!