Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mar De La Color Rosa

I just discovered a great jewelry blog! Montserrat Lacomba of Girona, Spain is the author of the blog, Mar De La Color Rosa. It has tons of great links to jewelry artists and is definetly worth checking out. Also, she is currently featuring my work and although I can't read the post (not really fluent in Spanish), I very much appreciate the exposure. Thanks!
Even if you don't read Spanish, its totally worth browsing because it's loaded with great images of work from tons of metalsmiths and jewelry artists. Now go check it out!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for adding the link and for to be my fisrt follower! I feel happy! You are very kind, I like to share information but in spite my English is very bad I think that one day I'll add the posts in catalan and in English also! I admire very much your work, congratulations!

Unknown said...

What a compliment! but I think it might be portuguese, thought I took portuguese at ASU and I couldn't read all of that... maybe it's the difference between brazilian and portugal portuguese?