Sunday, May 23, 2010

Family Tools

I spent this weekend in Tucson with my family. While I was there my mom gave me this lovely set of old tools that had been passed down in her family. They originally belonged to my great grandfathers sister, who passed away in 1969. She was an artist of many mediums and we still have some of her pieces in metal, jewelry, enamel, glass, mosaics, and painting. I love that there is a jeweler in my family history and that her tools have been passed on to me.Here is a set of chasing tools,

wax carving tools,screwdrivers and an awl,
dividers and a chasing hammer,
pliers, and shears,
some wood carving chisels,
and a tiny little clamp.I am so excited to get this sutff into my studio!


Unknown said...

Oh! I love this! You are very blessed. Only good things can come from using these heirlooms.

Evie's Tool Emporium said...

What a wonderful gift!

Unknown said...

Treasures, manna, love.
What a beautiful connection / collection.

BryanH said...

These are awesome! How perfect for them to go to you! Congratulations on everything :)