Sunday, June 14, 2009

Resurrect: Opening Reception

On Friday night I went to the opening reception for the Resurrect:Art of the Reclaimed Object show at Mesa Art Center. The opening was well attended and the show was laid out beautifully (as always). I love Mesa Art Center, they have the most gorgeous space, everyone that works/volunteers there is wonderful and they always have awesome shows!
Here are some views of the gallery:This was the piece I had in the show:
Lock for a Lost Love
Found silver platter, copper, glass, embroidery, pearls, hair
12"x12"x2"These are some of the pieces from the show that I really liked:This one above I thought was really funny.
Place of Magic
Collage on TileTom Shields
Found furnitureFrancesca Vitali had 3 pieces of jewelry that were really cool to see in person, check out photos of her work by clicking on her name.
Also the work of Marlene True.
St. Elise
Tin, Steel, Enamel Paint

My New Panties Series
Wallpaper, hoop, mixed media
Lilyana Bekic
Life is Splendid (Bustle)
Splenda Wrappers, cotton, plasticMargaret Whiting
Law Books The Sergei Isupov show Androgyny was still up, and his work is amazing in person! The textures and shading are so unbelievable!
This is one of his pieces (above).Here are some shots of the art really is a beautiful place!
They had a live band playing which was really fun.
The Fragmented Landscape public art pieces by Ned Kahn.
The Mesa Art Center Store. Be sure to stop in if you go to the show, I have jewelry for sale there!