Friday, June 12, 2009

Laser Engraved Ebony: New Series

Currently working on a new series of laser engraved ebony pieces for jewelry. These are the first completed pieces in the new series. I took some pictures as I made them so you can see the process. I forgot to take pictures of the actual laser engraving so I will do that next time.After I engrave the ebony I rolled some wire out flat to frame the piece with some scroll work.This is after the pieces of wire have been shaped.Soldered to the bezel.Set into the bezel.Now rolling some jump rings for the chain.Connecting the links.Links shaped and connected ready for soldering. Soldering each link closed (takes FOREVER!)
Waaalaaa! The final products. Stay tuned for lots more of this, I've got lots of ideas brewing and will be asking for reader participation in this series really soon.


Unknown said...

Oh! I love this! The chain is beautiful too - I love the detail of the scrolls with the simplicity of the eye-design.

Lisette said...

Beautiful piece! I always enjoy it when artists go through their helps to gain an understanding, especially as a student myself.

Unknown said...

Wow, beautiful chain and piece. can't wait to see more!