Thursday, August 26, 2010


(photo from here: Banaue Rice Terraces in the Philippines)

Tomorrow we leave for the Philippines. We are just staying in Manila for the weekend.
The Philippines are located in Southeast Asia in the Western Pacific Ocean, and consist of over 7,000 islands in the Pacific Ring of Fire. With a population of 92 million people, the Philippines is the worlds 12th most populated country. Manila alone has a population of over 20 million people. That's a lot coming from Phoenix's measly 4 million people.

I was really excited when we were talking about the trip in know, "Ohh, it would be cool to go to the Philippines...its cheap and we are already so close, we will never have this chance again..." Now that I have my airline ticket I'm more nervous than excited. I read too much on the internet about all the bad things that happen there. The first thing I read was the US travel warning for Americans traveling to the Philippines. The recent tragedy in Manila didn't help calm my fears. Most of the internet sites are like, "As long as you don't look like a tourist you'll be fine". Well...I have RED HAIR. I'm pretty sure I may stand out.
As a fairly sheltered girl who has NEVER been outside the country (with the exception of Mexican border towns that don't really count), I have to say I'm pretty freaked out. I've definitely never been to a third world country where I speak not a SPECK of the language. The place is foreign, the money is foreign, the food is foreign. I know it will be fun and beautiful and exciting and all that...but I can't help but focus on everything that could go wrong (thanks mom and dad for raising me to be so paranoid). I just registered with the US Embassy and that actually relieved a lot of stress. Not sure why. I guess knowing that if something did happen to me, my country would look out for me. That's a good feeling.
We don't even really know yet what we are going to do when we get there. We have some vague ideas but the only thing on our agenda for sure is going to a large pearl market (which I am REALLY excited about). We are also thinking about just taking a drive of the country outside the city, and maybe going to a volcano.
Yeah, so after re-reading this I realize I'm being a bit irrational and ridiculous, but its my nature. I hope it turns out to be a great trip. Say a prayer for me k? I'll report back on Tuesday when we return.


Christy said...

Have fun! Operating out of fear is never a good place to operate out of. Glad you're going for it!

Melissa D said...

Have fun!! Your money goes far in the Philippines! But I do warn you, a lot of the people will stare at you. Not cause you're funny looking or anything, but they're amazed by Americans. Be safe and enjoy! And watch out for mosquitos, there's a lot of them over there!