Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fish Eye Park and Dolphin Watching

On Saturday we went to a place called fish eye park. The park is an underwater observatory that is housed in a World War II bomb hole in the coral reef a couple hundred yards off the beach in Piti. During the bombing of Guam during WWII, a number of bombs dropped on the coral reef surrounding the village of Piti. An abundance of coral and marine life abound in these craters which have been designated a marine preserve. The 71 foot Fish Eye Park marine observatory extends 31 feet below the surface into one of the bomb holes and offers a 360 degree view of the underwater life there.

Have I mentioned yet that most of the tourists are Japanese? They are. The tour guide had to give us a special english translation, which for some reason, he found hilarious. It was pretty funny.We climbed 72 stairs down into the observatory.
The water was so clear. It cast this eerie bluish light on everything though. Our lips looked purple and our skin was a scary shade of like...death color. The fish were pretty amazing though, and there were tons of them.After Fish Eye, we took a bus a bit further up the coast and got on a boat to go on a dolphin watching cruise. We drove for about 25 minutes before we found a small herd of dolphins. They swam and played in our wake for about 10 minutes before another group joined us. We got to see a baby dolphin in the second group. We drove around in slow circles letting them jump and spin in the wake before heading back to shore. It was pretty awesome. They weren't quite as acrobatic as the dolphins at Sea World, but it was way better to see them in real nature.

Mama and baby dolphin!


Lauren Diggs said...

That's looks SO amazing and beautiful!!!

Laurie Kern said...

So how was that 7.2 earthquake that just happened? YOU OK?