Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chamorro Village

Last Wednesday night we went to Chamorro Village. The village is actually just a cluster of shops, but every Wednesday night they have a public outdoor market that is a taste of the islands culture, lifestyle and cuisine. Vendors sell everything from clothing, crafts, coconut milk, to sea shells, etc.

We got some great BBQ chicken skewers.
For dessert we had mango smoothies and deep fried bananas. Yum!
In the village there was a jewelers shop that I want to go back to and check out more. It was too crowded the night we were there. I sneaked a peek and there were jewelers working in the back but I didn't get a good look at their benches.
There was also a local blacksmith that had some handmade tools on display. I wish he had been there to talk to. Im going to go back and try to catch him sometime this week.
If you can't see the label on this anvil it says, "Pre-war anvil used by goldsmiths and silversmiths."
Most of what he had were a lot of knives and blades.
This was a beetle nut cracker.There were so many vendors we didn't really get a chance to look at much. We plan on going back again this week. Who knows, maybe I'll come home with a moo-moo.