Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So, I have some crazy news. My husband just got sent to Guam to work for a while (very unexpectedly and last minute). He is a civil engineer and works on transportation and roadway design. I got to come with him for a little vacation, but I have to come home a lot sooner than him because of classes I'm teaching.
We left Arizona on Sunday.
28 hours, 3 air planes, 2 continents, 10,000 miles, 6 on flight meals, and 3 cab rides later we finally arrived on the beautiful island of Guam!
I can't believe I'm here...its crazy. The island so far is beautiful. Yesterday was our first day here.
We are staying in Tumon Bay at the Westin.

This is our hotel. Our hotel is pretty close to where Scott is working.This is the view from our hotel. The water is really clear and the beach is really nice.I spent most of the day yesterday on the beach (and am paying for it today with a really bad sunburn!)Our hotel is in a really high end shopping area. There is cartier, rolex, tiffany and co, armani, d&g, and a million other expensive stores Ive never been in. The only ones I'll probably go to are cartier and tiffanys...just to check them out.Last night we went to a local tourist attraction called Two Lovers Point.Basically its a romeo and juliet type story...two young lovers were forbidden to be together by their families. They came to this 378 foot cliff, tied their hair together and jumped to their deaths so they could be together forever.Modern day lovers can attach locks with their names written on them to the fence as a symbol of their love...similar to other love padlock sites around the world.The views were pretty spectacular.
We watched the sunset from Two Lovers Point. It was a great beginning to what I'm sure is going to be a great trip.


Lori said...

Wow! I'm so jealous! It is so beautiful and fun! So sorry about the sunburn! thanks for sharing all the pictures and stories. keep them coming. You both deserve this! I hope Scott is enjoying it too.

Onedia said...

Lucky you.....I lived on Guam from 90-93....loved it....Great diving..it probably has changed a lot. Tuman looks different in your photos...