Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Thesis Exhibition: Invented Heirlooms Part 2

Yesterday I posted images of the wall pieces in my thesis show. This post includes images of all the pedestal pieces that were in the exhibition. A lot of the work you have probably already seen, but there were a few new things in the show that maybe you haven't seen yet. Again, all the pictures were taken by my wonderful friend and amazing photographer, Josh White.
Enjoy the photos, tomorrow I will post images from the reception!

These next pieces were actually hung on pylons in the gallery, not pedestals, but they fit more into this post than the last one. They are very (4) large scale steel and sterling silver necklaces, with found antique chandelier crystals. They took a really long time to make and killed my hands, but I found out that I really love blacksmithing!

Stay tuned for pictures of the reception tomorrow, and after that I will be posting a more in depth statement about the work, along with my giant list of thank yous to all the people who helped me get there.


Unknown said...

Wow, especially those last pieces. It looks spectacular, congratulations!