Monday, March 29, 2010

Thank You!

I wanted to post this little thank you statement I had at my show, because so many of the people I needed to thank couldn't be there. Maybe they will see this on here and know how much they mean to me!

There are so many people that I want to thank for supporting me through this endeavor, here are just a few…

First and foremost, my husband Scott who has been my pillar of support from the very beginning. Thanks for pretending to understand even though I’m pretty sure you never did. Thanks for being my best friend and for being my partner through all of this. I love you. We made it!

My parents, thanks for supporting me in everything I do, and for all your help along the way!

My brother for being one of my best friends and the person I can always talk to, no matter what. Thanks for telling me to suck it up whenever I complain.

The Andreasen Clan for taking an interest in what I do, and the constant family support.

My committee (Clare, Becky and Tedd) for having my back, but always challenging me to take it a step further. Thanks for all of your support and advice.

Becky and Tedd for being a constant support, and for making yourselves more available than a 24 hr fast food joint. For being wonderful friends, mentors and examples. For taking a chance on me and for believing in me.

My wonderful, amazing friends, Victoria Altepeter, Jonathan Brown, and Ellie Richards. For loving me just the way I am and for sticking with me through thick and thin. I will love you guys forever.

My team metals family, Katie Poterala, Sam Troxell, Eric Bogner, Amanda Frazier, and all the metals undergrads for working with me and sharing the studio. I couldn’t have done this without you. Its going to kill me to leave you guys.

My installation crew: Amanda Frazier, Amanda Scheutzow, Elise Derringer Wendte, Scott Andreasen, Jeff Hanson, Katie Poterala, Sam Troxell, Erik Bogner, Ellie Richards, Elisia Simmons and Rebecca Ryan. I could never have put this show up without the help from you guys!!!

All my other art school friends, without whom I could not have gotten here. Filippo Tagliati, Lauren McAdams, Mindy Sue Meyers, Sally Gilmore, Jana Evans, Marco Rosichelli, Nathan Lewis, to just name a few.

Some faculty and staff that made a difference, Nancy Serwint, John Risseeuw, Mary Hood, Dan Mayer, Tom Eckert, Tony Perez, George Harris, Dori Griffin, Vicki Kelly.

John Tzelepis, Jill Baker Gower, and Jessica Calderwood for being my metals heroes as an undergrad. For being great examples and inspiring me to continue on.

Dave Pimentel, for pushing me in the beginning…and for taking me to Yuma the first time.

The Norwood Family, for inspiring me to try something new, which helped lead to this thesis exhibition.

My best friend of 23 years, Kristin More, for staying by my side my whole life and for believing in me.

Melissa McGurgan for doing all the design on the promotional materials for this exhibition (postcards, poster, business cards, sign, etc.)

Josh White for photographing the show!

Arizona State University, the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, and the School of Art for all the financial support over the years, I never could have done it without the help.

And to all of you who are here to see this exhibition…thanks for your interest.