Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Work "Worn" and "Re-purposed"

Are you tired of hearing about my thesis show yet? Sorry about the long dragging on posts about it. Its just that I have spent the last three years working day and night toward that goal and I wanted to make sure I got it all on here. Part of the reason I keep this blog is as a record for myself, so I wanted to put everything that was important to me here. Anyway, I'm done with the thesis show posts...we are moving on now!
Two new series that were finished just before the thesis show:
"Worn" Brooch SeriesSterling silver, found antique brass drawer pulls from dresser, silk, pearls
"Re-purposed" Necklace SeriesSterling silver, found antique flatware handles, silk, pearls


Ashley said...

Lynette, I just love what you are doing, you are so clever and talented! I love your unconventional use of pearls!

Lisette said...

I enjoy your work as well Lynette but I have to wonder...where do you get the time?! You must LIVE in the studio.
congrats on your thesis show.