Thursday, July 24, 2008

Plenty of Work and a Weekend Trip

I spent today drilling holes in a new platter. Not only do I have to drill a million holes, but I then have to go over each one with a ball bur to take off the sharp burs because they tear my embroidery thread when I am sewing. Very time consuming...and I am probably doomed to get carpal tunnel any day now.
This one is going to be a wall piece, and its a self portrait.
I am running off to the high country (and cooler weather) to the family cabin this weekend. I should have plenty of time to get all the embroidery done on this piece. Hopefully I will have it to show you on Monday. I will also have lots of pictures from my adventures this weekend...I am going to a really beautiful place. Have a great weekend everybody!


Sara said...

Have a great weekend - I think I can see the silhouette in the center and I'm really anxious to see the final product.

Good luck with the future carpal tunnel.

Margaux Lange said...


I've been meaning to comment for a while about your new platter series… they are so amazingly beautiful and such a great idea. I just love them! Can't wait to see how this one turns out.