Friday, July 18, 2008

July 8th

Last Tuesday was my 24th Birthday. It was by far, one of the best yet! I started the day out by going to the grocery store and buying about 200 popsicles. Then I took them to the Boys and Girls Club in Guadalupe (where I used to teach art and now just volunteer sometimes) and gave them out to all the kids. Then all 200 something kids sang me happy birthday and gave me sticky fingered hugs. I couldn't have asked for more. It was great!
I spent the rest of the day with friends and family just hanging out and having fun.
I also got some really great gifts that I love!
Scott gave me a dock for my ipod. I love this thing! It is so great! I don't know how I ever survived in the studio without it. It even has a remote, so if an embarassing song comes on that I don't want my studio mates to know I secretly love, I can change it real quick without having to run across the room throwing things out of my path to save myself from the humiliation of everyone knowing I still listen to the Spice Girls. Ok, so I dont actually have the Spice Girls on my ipod, but I don't share the same taste in music as the people I share a studio with so the remote comes in handy. The sound quality is great too. I really do love this thing and have been taking it with me everywhere since I got it.
My little brother gave me the first season of the hilarious show, Flight of the Conchords on DVD. The show is an HBO series (I dont have cable) about two guys from New Zeland that are members of the band Flight of the Conchords. Very dry humor. Check out some clips of the show Here, Here, or Here. Guaranteed laughter convulsions. I promise.
Then I went to the studio (yes, on my birthday) to do some work. I don't really consider it work though...because I love what I do so much. Anyway, my friends there had made me this killer necklace! They sometimes call me The Flame, its my nickname, if you know me then you know why:) Hence, "The Flame tunrs 24." This will adorn my studio wall. Forever. I love you guys!They also collaborated and made me this AWESOME little sculpture. I love it. See the little pearl? Isn't it gorgeous?! I think they should sell these on Etsy! (Its about 4" high.)My friend Kristin gave me a gift card to go to a swanky salon in Scottsdale. I am saving this for a cute back to school haircut! And she took me out for some yummy sushi at Kabuki. It was delicious!My mom gave me a new flat iron that I've been wanting for a while. Sometimes I like to make my BIG hair small...and flat. Thanks mom!
So, another year has passed and now I'm older and wiser. Thanks for being there with me and for making my birthday great!


Denise said...

Happy Late Birthday. I had no idea that Flight of the Concords was a serious, Seth watches their youtube clips over and over again, I'll have to check into getting hime that dvd he would love it and I'm sure I would give up a giggle or two (or pee my pants laughing!)

Denise said...

i hate that you can't leave a comment then realize you had a typo and just go back and fix it with out retyping the whole ding-dang thing.... so i meant series not serious