Sunday, July 20, 2008

Don't Forget

On Thursday I worked at the Night Gallery. In a three hour period we had over 500 people walk through the doors. Last Thursday there were over 900. To me, that is so exciting! Because the gallery is located in a mall (an outdoor mall) you get such a different demographic of people coming through than you would at a gallery located somewhere else. Also, just the sheer number of people coming through is amazing to me.
Don't forget to go and check out the awesome artwork there. I have a piece in the show, and many of my friends do as well. This show will only be up for about 2 more weeks, so check it out!
The gallery is open Tuesday - Saturday from 6-9pm. It is located in Tempe Marketplace right next to Aeropostale. More details Here.


Kristin M said...

I brought a group of like 10 people by on Friday, and everyone loved it!