Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ebay Scores

Lately in my work I have been altering found objects such as old silver platters and trays. I found these two items on Ebay today and was lucky (or frivolous) enough to make them mine.
What I am going to do with them is still a mystery. But, you see the potential...right?
The top one is a little pincushion with sterling silver tray base, and this one below is an antique metal frame, but the glass is a convex curve! I am really excited about this one:)
Now, let the brainstorming begin.


Sara said...

These rock. I love how you are totally into silver lately. Excited to see what your creative mind comes up with!

Julie Lake said...

I love altering silverplate trays, too!! You're going to have some competition on Ebay from me! Just kidding - I already have three boxes full of them. I figure if I don't use them in projects, I can always eat off of them.

Lynette said...

wow thats a lot! I love how they make perfect frames. They are just gorgeous. And I love the history behind the objects...each one has a story, someone has owned it, used it for a special occasion, inherited it from their grandma, etc. I dont know what the stories are, but I know that when people look at my work they are reminded of those memories attached to the object. I love that each person brings something different to the work. And, I too have way too many. Sometimes when I buy them on ebay I get them and they are NOT at all what I thought they were. So now I have a pile accumulating as well. I figure I can serve food off of them at the opening of my show.:)