Monday, December 31, 2007

On Etsy and Blogging in 2007...

If you don't know what etsy is, you need to! Watch this video and learn what Etsy is all about!

Etsy has been a great experience for me! I signed up to be a seller on Etsy just 6 months ago and think that it is the coolest thing ever! I have sold 60 items to people in 4 different countries, and 12 US States! I am really excited about the possibilities Etsy holds for me and can't wait to see what happens in my shop this next year!

In addition to Etsy, I have really enjoyed keeping a Blog this year, (and I think I need this T-shirt from!)
I feel like this blog is a great way to share my current doings, and a nice way to work out ideas. Also, I love knowing that people visit it (and even better, COMMENT on it!)
These maps show the cities that people have viewed my blog from in the last 30 days. How cool is that?! So, all you readers out there, feel free to comment anytime, I love hearing from people especially with feedback on my ideas!
So, here is to a great 2007, and an even better 2008 on Etsy and Blogger!


Deborah’s Desert Creations said...

Wow! I am truley amazed and excited that you have been so successful through out the world. What an accomplishment! I knew you would succeed! Timing is everything. I am so very proud of you and your creative artistic style.

Breanne said...

I was so glad I found out about Etsy through you - it is so great! I love those maps showing your popularity! ;)