Friday, December 21, 2007

A Christmas Story and Some New Years Resolutions

So, this isn't exactly a Christmas story, but it definitely has the Christmas spirit. Yesterday I went and spent some time at my local Boys and Girls Club. I actually worked there for over a year as the Creative Art Supervisor. Now, I just occasionally go back as a volunteer. Anyway, I was there yesterday and I had SO much fun playing with the kids. I saw one kid that I knew when I worked there and was reminded of a special experience I had with him.

Many of the kids that attend the club are in disadvantaged circumstances. Every year the club puts on a program they call Child Spree, where they select as many kids as possible who get to go on a $100 shopping spree for clothes for school. For many of the kids, this is their only opportunity all year to get the things they need. Each child is assigned a volunteer to help them pick out necessary items such as socks, underwear, school uniforms, shoes, etc. Well, I was helping this particular boy pick out some new school clothes for his shopping spree. He had just about everything picked out that he could afford with his $100, when we walked by the jewelry counter. He looked up at me , with all his cool new clothes in his hands and said, "Miss Lynette, I want to put all this back and buy a gold necklace for my mom." His mom was a single mom and so he didn't ever get the chance to buy her gifts for her birthday or Christmas or anything because he didn't have anyone to take him. His mom doesn't have any family or anything, it is really just the two of them. It just really touched me that he was so unselfish, when all those things he was holding were things he needed, and wasn't going to be able to get them any other way, and he was willing to give it up to get a necklace for his mom. Can you imagine how exciting this was for him? To get $100 all to spend on himself?! And he wanted to spend every cent on his mom. I really was humbled by this experience.
Later when I told his mom what he had said, she just cried. It made me realize how much I take for granted and how much more I can give (and how much we can learn from kids!) . So, as a new years resolution this year, I am going to try to give more. Hopefully that means spending more time with the kids at the Boys and Girls club!
Other Resolutions:
Exercise More
Eat Better
and I'm still working on more...
Merry Christmas!


Ashley said...

I joined the etsy sellers who blog and clicked previous twice, guess where I landed!
That is so sweet! My husband spent his childhood at the boys and girls club and I think they are great.
I'm with you on the resolutions.
My main one is to get work into galleries as well. I'm a little nervous about the approaching thing too. Your work is great, I'm sure they will snatch it up and you wont' be able to make enough.

garland said...

Hi, Lynette. It's a very nice story, so cute(maybe not the right word). How old is he?
Anyway, check this out, maybe you'll like it.
Have a great holiday.Masumi