Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Well, I am now officially on Winter Break. The word hallelujah has a whole new meaning! I survived my first semester at grad school. Over the break I will be working like crazy to accomplish some of the many goals I have set for myself that seem to always get put off. One being to get my work into a local gallery. Over the weekend I approached a gallery in my hometown of Tucson that I have been dreaming about being in for at least a year now. That was the first time I have approached a gallery. I'm not sure if they will want my work or not, but I am just proud of myself for finally getting up the courage to go and put myself (and my work) out there. Next step is to come up with some sort of a cohesive collection to pitch to them (I am thinking along the lines of what is pictured above). That is goal #3 for the break. Goal #1 is to finish all the things I have already started! Goal #2 is to do all of my planning for teaching next semester. I will be teaching 3-Dimensional design at ASU and am a little daunted at the task, but am getting more excited as I plan out projects and get things sorted out. Wish me luck and Happy Holidays!
P.S. If you have any great ideas for 3-D class projects feel free to send them my way!


Catherine Chandler said...

Hey lady,
Just got your comment on my leaf necklace. Aren't those shapes wonderful? I do think they would be easier to fabricate but I love the kind of roughness and symmetry to them. By the way, I love these pieces you're doing and I think they would be great in a gallery! I did a fingerprint project way way back in my first year of college. I ended up taking my own fingerprints, photographing them up close (with a macro lens), scanning and enhancing them, and printing them on really large paper so they were somewhat abstract. I still have the prints but don't hang them up anymore. Good luck...I love your work!

Jeff said...

Hey! I like your new header picture! See you in a few hours.

Janalee said...

lynette all of your art looks like gallery quality. And I recognize those little french knots from Dana's CTR ornament - so cute.

They are french knots right?

Lynette said...

Yup, french knots they are! Im addicted to them, they are soooo cute!