Wednesday, January 13, 2010

T minus 51 days

My thesis show is in less than 8 weeks.
8 weeks. Eight weeks.
51 days.
That is not a lot of time.
I am constantly pinballing between really excited and totally terrified.
Every single night sleep evades me while I am haunted by questions like, "What if my show is boring?", "What if I don't have enough work?", "What if I don't pass my oral defense?", "What if people come into the gallery and say, 'thats it?'", "What if I can't fill the gallery?????"
There are other fears, but those are the big ones.

There is sooo much to do...and so little time.
My to do list is like 12 miles long. Ugh.
Align CenterI am so stressed out and tired I can barely handle it. How am I supposed to fill 1600 square feet with small scale metalwork?? It seems impossible.
Sorry for the negativity...I'm just experiencing a little freak out moment. It will pass in 51 days. No more pity parties, I promise. Cross my heart.
Okay...well at least none that you guys will get to experience:) Back to work...


Victoria Altepeter said...

lynette- breathe. (easier said than done, but do it) your show will be perfect. and call me, if i can help you somehow!! xoxo

Victoria Altepeter said...

and your latest jewelry rocks by the way...

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Hi Lynette, long time lurker here, just popping up to offer some support in your hour of need! ;)
I can't remember how I stumbled onto your blog, but boy I'm glad I did. I adore your work - such a gorgeous mixture of materials and textures, clever reuse of objects and a perfectionist's attention to detail. And while it is 'arty' and 'cutting edge' it is so wearable, a feat which many artisans never achieve.
There is no way your show will be boring and I only wish I was on your side of the pond so I could come along and have a look (if that sort of thing is allowed, not sure how those thesis thingies work). Anyway, you rock, your work rocks, isolate only the things you *really* need to do and just do your best because that's all anyone can ask. And try to enjoy it in some way so you can look back and have a good laugh! All the best for the next 51 days!

Lynette said...

thank you both!

Stacy said...

I second what Kirsty said! It all will work out and your show will be great! I can't wait to see it! :)