Sunday, January 31, 2010

DeFine Metal and Fiber

I almost forgot to mention I was involved in the DeFine Metal and Fiber exhibition over at Crafthaus. Check it out here.
Here are some of my favorite pieces in the show:Yellow Tutu Brooch, Jill Baker GowerHuman Relationship, Lieun Lee
Felt Ring #4, Dixie Darling

DeFine Metal and Fiber features works that combine metal with fiber or that are made of metal using fiber techniques. These works defy our expectations, showing us how artists are reaching across media boundaries to express themselves.

Participating Artists :
Atticus Adams, Lynette Andreasen, David Choi, Dixie Darling, Joan Dulla, Ashley Ernst, Jill Baker Gower, Vicky T. Hunt, Jieun Lee, Miranda Lark Maher, Tracy McAlister Mackay, Jennifer Moss, Gary Schott, Amanda E. Stark, L.Sue Szabo, Rickson, Laura Wood
Curator- Thea Clark
Thea Clark makes jewelry, combining fibers with metal for the last four years. Her work has exhibited nationally in galleries and museums, as well as at wholesale and retail fine craft shows. She teaches at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, Summit, NJ and at the Newark Museum. In 2008 she founded the New Jersey Metal Arts Guild.


Dixie Darling said...

i love your work too!!!!!!