Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Julia Harrison: Woodworking and Finishing Techniques for Jewelry Workshop at ASU

This past weekend, ASU Metals hosted a woodworking workshop with Seattle artist, Julia Harrison. This picture above makes me soooo happy! Everyone who participated had a great time and Julia was awesome! (You can see all the photos from the workshop here.)She taught us all sorts of texturing techniques, carving methods, and we all got to make samples and carve wood spoons from a solid block.Step 1: Make a top view template.Step 2: Make a side template. Step 3: Cut off the top side.Step 4: Start carving out the bowl.Step 5: Cut off the bottom and then cut out the profile.Step 6: Carve away!Step 7: Sand, sand, sand until finished! (I still have a long way to go...)I loved seeing wood chips all over the studio floor...it was so fun!Here are all the spoons we all created that day...all of which are still in the finishing process.
It was a great time! Hopefully I will post more pics soon of the jewelry stuff I made...


Valerie A. Heck said...

Those spoons look like such fun. My Grandfather is a carpenter and I've always loved the smells of wood.