Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cool New Tool

I just got this cool new tool. Its a clamp/holder for my flexshaft handpiece. I got it so I could use these router bits (which are also new!) I have been making small laser engraved wood pieces to go in jewelry and I am uncomfortable with the big router table they have here in the woodshop at school. The pieces I am making are so small its really scary to have my fingers that close to a big router bit. So, I got this setup to work smaller scale in my studio and so far it is perfect!
The clamp holds my flexshaft handpiece upright and has a small table for routing.
These are the bits I got.
Newly rounded edged wood pieces ready for laser engraving!!


Evelyn said...

hi Lynnette,
do you mind sharing where you got that clamp and what it's called? i have a foredom and 2 boxes of router bits i've been too afraid to use with it as well!!

i would love to get one of those - the ideas are already spinning...

Lynette said...

No problem! I got it from Riogrande.
Just out of curiosity, where did you get your bits? I had a really hard time finding mine and Id like some better quality ones.

Evelyn said...

i began accumulating router bits a few years ago whenever good quality sets went on sale (50% or more) at my local hardware store (now is a good time or around Father's Day).

At the time i had a vague idea of getting a router and doing some small detail woodwork but after i got the bits i realized those routers are huge (lol) and my studio is full of glass and fire so i'd need a separate workspace (which i don't currently have) and they've been sitting there unused ever since.

i just about fell out of my chair when i saw yr post cuz i've been eyeing my (recently acquired) Foredom and wondering just how crazy it would be to try them on it...

thx for the link! i'm a bit confused though as Rio shows the bit pointing sideways but yrs is pointing up (more like a router)- can the holder part be rotated?

Lynette said...

yeah, it can go both ways! I clamp it to the side of my bench instead of the top. It can go either way.

sandyxxx said...

Wow they are gorgeous earrings. I am envious of anyone who has the patience to make something so delicate.
925 sterling silver