Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nancy Worden Workshop

This weekend I went to a cold connections workshop in Tucson, hosted by Arizona Desiger Craftsmen. It was taught by Nancy Worden and was super fun. She taught how to incorporate tube rivets and commercial rivets into jewelry, mostly for bead making. I really enjoyed going to the lecture she gave about her work and hearing the stories behind each of her pieces. I took a million pictures at the workshop, head on over to my flickr to see what everybody in the workshop made. It was really fun and I met some really wonderful people! Nancy was great and gave me some much needed life advice. It was really nice to meet her and it will be fun to see her at the Yuma Symposium at the end of this week!

This was one of the necklaces Nancy brought with her, made from dried oranges.

Two other necklaces Nancy brought, one made from pelligrino caps, and the other from wine bottle trash.
This was just a really funny sign they had at the Pima Community College studio where the workshop was located.