Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

Last weekend I went down to Tucson with my good friend and fellow metals grad Victoria, for the Tucson gem and mineral show. First we HAD to stop at my beloved Eegees. I can't go to tucson without stopping at at least one.
There is SO much stuff at the gem show...if you can dream of it, its there. People come from ALL over the world, every single country to sell everything from seed beaded chairs to rocks to fake prada bags. Its a really good time. The show literally takes over the ENTIRE town for about 2 weeks. Every hotel, motel, convention center...etc turns into a shopping mall for rocks, stones, gems, beads, pearls etc.

Miles...miles....and miles of beads, stones, and gorgeous glamoury goods.Even crazy huge belt buckles.
Like this one...
That is ONE expensive rock...
It was a really fun trip and I came back with some awesome new goodies.
Too bad this didn't fit in the car...jk:)


Margaux Lange said...

Oooh so jealous! One day I will make it out to that show! Looks like so much fun!

Ashley said...

I'm jealous too! I was even in Tempe one year during the Tucson show and didn't go down. Someday.

Can't wait to see what you picked up.

A Fly On The Wall said...

Very cool - you seem to have made to the shows I didn't go can see my Tucson Show Report at

Robyn Hawk