Friday, January 16, 2009

Super Secret Fantasy Dream

Do any of you have a secret fantasy dream job? Like, if you could do anything, anything, what would you do? Or maybe if you are happy where you are at, what is something that you have wondered about being?
Want to know what my secret fantasy job is? I want to make jewelry for a movie. Like Lord of the Rings, or the Duchess, or Twilight, or anything! Everytime I see a movie I scour it, looking for metalwork. And I think to myself, if only they had asked me. If only...sigh.
Anybody know some big time movie producer? Let them know I will work for free. I just want to do it!


Liz Steiner said...

I totally agree! My super secret dream job would be the movies too! I also harbor a secret wish to work at Pixar.

andrea said...

Mine is also along that line as well. I would love to work for Tim Burton. I love all the armatures they build and set design.

I just posted a monthly challenge for myself on my blog. I'm looking for a different theme each month that I will then make a jewelry item to match.

I will take my sketch pad into the movies(even though I can't really see what I'm drawing at the time) because I am always inspired there.

Adriana said...

You could totally do it!!! I think it's great to dream big! and then make it happen :)
Have you read The Last Lecture. He talks about that. His dream was to be an imagineer... he made it happen :)

Mine would be some kind of philanthropic/world nations sort of job. except I'd have to be a different person, because I don't know how I'd leave my kids :)
or real secret would be a ranch... for some reason I have always loved the west and horses :D Montana sometimes calls my name :D

ColleenBaran said...

Me too! I had a couple rings in movies and commercials but never anything I was asked to design for it.

It's funny, I had a blog post about that awhile ago as well.

The first thing I thought when I saw the posters for Red Sonja (2009 release) was 'I wish I had made a choker, huge necklace, something (anything) for that'.

ColleenBaran said...

Edit- I have had a couple of rings in movies and commercials but never anything I was asked to design specifically for them. (Eeesh, That’s what happens when you change a sentence without re-reading it :)

nicole said...

if placement and working with costume designers is your dream, it's not impossible to accomplish.

go to and get a membership. you can then reply to "desperately seeking" requests for work, designs, etc for film, magazines and tv. i've been working with them for ions (they're wonderful people) and have designed custom work for film through them.

they have quite a long list of successes. you can also email their assistant directly to have a conversation--

good luck and have fun!