Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Economy Finally Hit Home

Well. Not sure where to start...

ASU announced today that it will be combining the College of the Arts, and the College of Design. Mostly motivated by budget cuts, the school is being forced to choose things/jobs/programs/people to eliminate. ASU has already taken more than $37 million in state funding cuts. On top of these cuts, a new proposal would require ASU to cut another $70 million, or 35% of our remaining state funding, in less than five months. Another cut of $155 million is proposed for FY10. The University has already cut hundreds of jobs.
I heard recently that the University of Arizona is cutting its entire art department and no longer offering art degrees.
I am scared for the future. I hope this merger with the arts and design will be good and beneficial to both parties, but it feels a little scary. I know it won't affect me really as a student, because I won't be here much longer, but what I do think about its my future in the field. How long will the economy stay in a recession? And by the time we get out of this recession, how many schools will have eliminated their art programs?
I also teach metals classes for the Phoenix Art Center which was recently in danger of being shut down due to state budget cuts. The resolution was that it will stay open, but cut costs by 68%. I'm pretty sure that means I won't be teaching there anymore.
These are hard times, even so, we still have to continue to support the arts so they aren't lost! I'm worried that if we don't fight hard now to keep these programs going, it won't be long before they disappear.


alisa said...

i'm sorry. that is distressing. the arts always seem to be the first thing cut. this will get better, but then we'll have to lobby to get funding again. all because some jerks decided to make a quick buck. :-(

danielle embry said...

Hey Lynnette - that's terrible news! it has been just as stressful here at the U of A. I don't think they will be cutting the art department entirely, but we may lose some of our degree programs. I think the MA and PhD in art history are on the chopping block. It's such a bad time for the state and for the arts!

Breanne said...

It's so crazy that the arts can be first to be cut - some people just don't realize what an impact has on their own lives & how much it's a part of all of our lives, whether we think so or not.

I had just heard about this on the news too - about the ASU cuts & got sick. That is so many jobs. And it seemed like ASU had been flourishing in recent years.
Maybe now is a good time to land that movie metal making contract!
Ha! (no pressure, but I bet you will successfully do that in your future, you're so great!)

Shannon said...

Sorry to hear the news Lynette!It is crazy how this economy has made an impact in so many areas. Maybe ASU needs to tighten their belts in other areas. They charge enough for tuition.

Christy said...

Sad sad news. It is scary to think of what could end up having. I hope all the fuss Michael Crow is making is just theatrics... otherwise its definitely time to get scared.