Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sneak Peak: Love Letters

Finally finished my piece for the Love Letters show today...after weeks of frustration and things gone wrong! Sometimes I have such a hard time with theme shows. AND, I felt a lot of pressure to make something good for this show because its the first time I am really participating in First Fridays downtown, and serveral friends that I look up to are in the show. Both reasons gave me tons of anxiety resulting in a mental block. Anyway, I figured it out and it feels good to be done. Part of my own personal closure when I complete a piece is getting it photographed. I never feel really done until I take photos. Im still not great at taking pictures of these wall pieces, but its getting a little better. Anyway, here is a sneak preview of my piece for the show. If you want to see the whole thing you will have to come to Modified Arts, or wait until the show is over and I post the full photos!


Eve M Metalsmith said...

oh my gosh i am so intrigued! since i live in texas...i'll just have to look forward to your future post with some more photos ;o)
so far, i am thrilled with the mix of metals...and the gorgeous detail...i give you my highest praise on that sawing job too ;o)

Ashley said...

Somehow I missed this post, but I saw this piece on flickr and love it! I'm sure you will get a good response from the show.