Saturday, March 22, 2008

Things I Enjoyed This Easter Weekend

Being with family, especially my little Bro who is graduating from U of A in electrical engineering and moving to Boston to work for Raytheon:( Smarty Pants!
80 Degree weather, sitting on the porch all day




Reeses Easter Eggs
Helping my mom set up her new Etsy shop! She makes stained glass windchimes and suncatchers, among other things. Check it out! She just started, and will be adding things slowly, so give it a couple of days! (These pics are some of her suncatchers)

P.S. Whats your favorite part of Easter?


Marie said...

I told Alan today, pointing to the Reeses Eater Egg I was about to eat, "These are my favorite. When I'm old and forgetful, please just give me one every Easter, okay?"
He looked at me like I was crazy.
Happy Easter!

Sara said...

Pastels are my favorite part of Easter. I don't look good in pastels, but no one cares because, hey, it's Easter.

Janalee said...

Pretty much just sneaking all the candy of the the Easter baskets. Adults like candy just as much as kids do.

Debbie said...

We had a fantastic weekend with Jeff, you and Scott. You're a wonderful daughter and I love you very much.