Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Inflatable Sculpture

This semester I am teaching Three Dimensional Design at ASU. It has been really fun, but recently has been WAY fun! Tomorrow we will be inflating some large sculptures (16 feet in one dimension). If you need something to do, stop by for some excitement!
Come see them inflate in person!
When: Thursday March 20th 10am-730pm
Where: In the Art Building Courtyard
Why: Because its cool, and its a giant plastic thing filled with air! Duh...
OR, if you have a really good reason for missing out on the fun, you can watch our trial run on
this video...

In case you can't tell, one is a dragonfly and one is a frog. I am really proud of my students for their ambition with this project! Come check it out!

Or, see what else they have done here.


megan said...

These are so cool! What was the assignment?

Lynette said...

You can see the whole assignment here:
or on the class blog,
But basically, I divided the class into two groups and had them make an inflatable sculpture that had something to do with nature. It had to be at least 16 feet in one dimension. Basically you build it like a sewing pattern, you cut two shapes the same out of clear plastic (the kind used as like tarps for painting, but it should be 2 mil or less). THen you just seal it with packing tape. We inflated ours with a box fan and just attached a small chute to the sculpture. You have to cut vents for air to escape too. It is really low tech. The students do have a hard time thinking that large though, it can be a big challenge, but it is really fun!

XO said...

you are such a neat teacher. how fun is that!