Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring "Break"

This week is spring break. Translated that means "cram as much studio time into one week as physically possible, while also trying to get some research done in the library". Funny how these are the two things that I can never seem to find time for when school is actually in session. Teaching sucks up all of my time! So, I visited the library and got way more books than I could possibly read in a year. I am also making major progress on a wall piece that I am super excited about. I'm not going to tell you about it just yet. I will just tease you by showing you some in progress images and making you wonder in agonizing anticipation:)
Speaking of teasing, did I mention it was 86 degress today? I love Arizona!


Sara said...

Do you plan to continue teaching then? It seems like it takes up so much of your time! I am WAY excited to see what this wall piece is going to turn out to be - you know, I'm so creativity-deficient that you could probably explain exactly what it is going to look like and I would still be clueless!

My mom really liked the Marquis earrings - should I hold off on buying them for her until May? Gosh, you just sound SO busy.

alisa said...

ok. i really really want to see what that wall piece is going to be. really.