Saturday, September 8, 2007

Business Savvy

Yesterday, I got a new book in the mail. I've seen this book talked about on a few artsy blogs recently and decided to read it myself. Craft, Inc. is about the business side of being a crafty person. I can create all day long, but I hate the business side of things so I think I can learn a lot from this book. We'll see!


Breanne said...

I've never commented on one page so much - but each of your blogs is compelling to me!
Tell me what you think of this book - it'd probably be a good one for Paul to read. (Hey, maybe even me too - I'm wanting to get into Interior Design/Decore eventually - but I don't feel like I can call myself a real artist - more like someone who appreciates art) :)
Anyhow, the book looks helpful.