Friday, May 4, 2012

ASU Metals Alumni Exhibition

Tonight is the opening reception for the ASU Metals Alumni Exhibition.  I have a piece in the show as do many of my friends.  Please make sure to attend the show to see some great metalwork out of the program at ASU!  Also, this show is part of a number of metals exhibitions being held in conjunction with the SNAG conference later this month (you know, that one I've been helping plan for over 2 years now:)  Lets just say I'm excited about everything happening in May but I can't wait for June!!!  See details about the show below!

ASU Metals Alumni Exhibition

May 4 - 27, 2012, Tues.-Sun. 6- 9 p.m.

School of Art
Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

Campus: Off-campus           
Opening reception: Friday, May 4, 2012, 6-9p.m.
Cost: Free and open to the public, donations welcome
ASU Alumni artists include recent and not-so recent graduate students and undergraduates in a program that has produced talented, award winning metalsmiths and jewelers.  From one of the best Metals programs in the country, this exhibit showcases the many talents and detailed workmanship of a variety of artists with diverse approaches to working with metal.

Along with the traditional materials and techniques such as blacksmithing, forging and forming, these artists include contemporary practices in enamel, found objects and mixed media.
Some of the artists included in this exhibit are Becky & Tedd McDonah, Deb Lozier, Jessica Calderwood, Lauren McAdams Selden, Eric Burris, Nissa Kubly, Lynette Andreasen, Jill Baker-Gower, Victoria Altepeter, Polly Smith and Dale Wedig.
The Night Gallery at the Tempe Marketplace is an exhibition space for ASU School of Art faculty, graduate students and alumni in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. The gallery is a result of a partnership between the Herberger Institute and Vestar Development Company.

The Night Gallery is located at Tempe Marketplace (intersection of McClintock Rd. and the 202 at 2000 E. Rio Salado Parkway) in the District (west end, south side) between Barnes & Noble bookstore and Aeropostale.

The gallery is closed on Monday.