Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stuff We Bought in the Philippines

Here are pictures of some of the stuff we got in the Philippines. It was amazing how inexpensive everything was compared to the actually made me feel really bad. But, we came home with some great gifts and souvenirs.
A little jewelry pouch made from embroidery and banana leaf fibers.
chains made from woven palm
a brightly colored beaded necklace
Hand carved ebony figurine (wearing jewelry)
coral and bone necklace
coral teardrop shaped beads
a large mabe pearl
a few strands of small freshwater pearls
some table linens, including place mats, tablecloth, and napkins
a really cute shirt with embroidered floral pattern
leather fish coin purse
handmade paper bead necklaces
silver filigree jewelry
handmade newspaper basket
hand carved ebony nativity set


Admin said...

thank you for visiting the Philippines...