Sunday, September 26, 2010


While on Guam we had some great food. This post is dedicated to the BEST of that food!

Our favorite places BY FAR were Meskla Uno and Meskla Dos. Both Meskla restaurants are owned by the "Outdoor Chef" (tv show chef on the food network). Meskla Dos was a really great burger place.
Here is my favorite meskla burger with bacon, fried egg, and ranch, with sweet potato fries!

Meskla Uno was a fancier restaurant that had a variety of what they called, "chamarro fusion" food. This dip above was a clam bake dip, with spinach, hearts of palm, cheeses and spinach. Sooo good!This amazing dish (above) was salmon cooked in a soft phyllo dough, stuffed with peppers, onions and mushrooms. It was served over a basil cream sauce that was to DIE for!

For dessert we had sweet chocolate rice creme brulee and deep fried cheesecake (Im still dreaming about it!)
Being on an island, also meant some great sushi. This pic above is the BEST spider roll I have EVER had! The restaurant I got it at was also cool because they had perfectly round ice cubes!

I also had way too many desserts at the hotel cafe. Red velvet cake and chocolate cupcakes make the best breakfast!
I fell in love with milk chocolate toffee covered macadamia nuts. I ate sooo many!!

I learned how to make "coconut candy" a popular chamorro dessert.
I need to figure out how to make this banana lumpia (deep fried banana). While we were on guam I could never get enough of this stuff!

The food on guam was great but its nice to be back home in my own kitchen! I brought back a chamorro cookbook so I can practice some island cooking. We'll see how it goes!


Jaime Leigh said...

That Red Velvet cakes looks to die for.....mmmmmmm