Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Few More Custom Orders and a New Camera!

I finished lots more wedding rings this week! The one above I showed on here before, but I finished the wedding band to go with the engagement ring. My friend Marco designed it for his girlfriend Jana, and our other friend Melissa McGurgan did the graphics. Its a little diamond bling with little sparkle rays coming from it. I love the idea!These are another set of wedding bands with copper center spinning bands.

This last one is a custom Mothers ring. The copper center spinning band is etched with the children's names.
Thanks to all these custom orders, I got to buy myself a new camera! More details or the camera coming soon:)


SharonP said...

very cool! love the copper spinners.

Crystal j. Bortfeld said...

i LOVE the concept of the bands with the bling diamond image. it is an incredibly fun play on the idea of what an engagement ring is all about. i would wear one!