Thursday, July 8, 2010

Diamond Bling

A couple of weeks ago I got to make this custom engagement ring for some friends.
The idea for the ring was all Marco's, and he had another friend, Melissa McGurgan, design the diamond drawing on the ring. Best collaboration EVER!

Congrats Marco and Jana, I am super happy for you guys!
(P.S. Check out their websites because they both have awesome work!!)


crystalsapistol said...

you are unbelievably talented! wow! i'm truly touched.

melississippi said...

we were marveling at how clever that ring was, i did't know you made it :) good collabo!

Lynette said...

Thats funny. Yeah, it was marcos idea and melissa did the graphic. I just did the fabricating. It was fun, and I like it a lot!