Monday, October 26, 2009


Grouping of pieces for the Multiples Exhibition at Heidi Lowe Gallery. Fresh off the bench.

Ring and brooch, sterling silver, copper, silk, pearlsBroochRings, sterling silver, copper, silk, pearlsring and earringsring ringearrings

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

4th Annual Intercollegiate Metals Exhibition Catalog

Well, after lots of work, its finally done! The 4th Annual Intercollegiate Metals Exhibition Catalog is now available. Full color and featuring every piece shown in the exhibition, this catalog is a must for any metalsmith! From student work to faculty pieces it is a great array of metal awesomeness. Get yours now!

Off to ACC in Minneapolis

I am leaving (really early) tomorrow morning to go to the American Craft Council Conference in Minneapolis. My friend Ellie and I got scholarships to attend and are super excited about the program lineup. The only thing I am not excited about is heading from 90-100 degree weather to highs of 48 degrees with chances of snow:( I had to borrow a coat from someone because they don't even sell things that warm here! We never need stuff like that in AZ! Anyway, it should be a really good time, but I still have tons to get done before I go so back to work for me... Hopefully I don't freeze to death before I get to hear Richard Sennett speak on Friday:)
Are any of you going to the conference?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

4th Annual Intercollegiate Metals Exhibition

The 4th Annual Intercollegiate Metals Exhibition this year was a great success! We received 84 pieces from 7 universities and it was an awesome display of what is going on in metals programs across the country. We had a great turnout at the opening and the show looked great. Check out my facebook album of images from the show.
I got to design the catalog again this year and it is pretty much finished...just in the final stages of editing and should be available on blurb before the end of the week. Here is a sneak peak at the cover and first page. Ill let you know when you can get your hands on one!Here are some quick peeks at the installation.I love doing this every year with the metals family here at ASU! Here we all are at the opening, (from left) Erik Bogner, Tedd McDonah, Becky McDonah, Samuel Troxell, Amanda Frazier, Katie Poterala, Lynette Andreasen. Good times!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Benefit Show

Thanks to all who came out to the Mesa 10x10 Benefit show and sale on Saturday. It was a great event and I think they were able to raise a lot of money for the cause! I got there early to make sure I could make my claim on the pieces I wanted to come home with. I came home with these two...
This one is by my professor Tedd McDonah.This one is by Polly Smith who runs some of the studios at Mesa Art Center.I really wanted this one by my professor Becky McDonah, but I wasn't quick enough! How awesome is this mosquito?! It should have been mine.... There are more great photos of this event over at the Cervini Haas Gallery Blog, check it out!Oh, and my piece also found a great home so I was happy about that!
Thanks again to those of you who attended the event!

Friday, October 9, 2009

"Read My Pins"

My husband just told me about this book called, "Read My Pins," by Madeleine Albright. There is an interesting interview with her about the book, click here for the NPR interview.
Amazon has this description for the book:

"Before long, and without intending it, I found that jewelry had become part of my personal diplomatic arsenal. Former president George H. W. Bush had been known for saying "Read my lips." I began urging colleagues and reporters to "Read my pins."

It would never have happened if not for Saddam Hussein. When U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Madeleine Albright criticized the dictator, his poet in residence responded by calling her "an unparalleled serpent." Shortly thereafter, while preparing to meet with Iraqi officials, Albright pondered: What to wear? She decided to make a diplomatic statement by choosing a snake pin. Although her method of communication was new, her message was as old as the American Revolution—Don't Tread on Me.

From that day forward, pins became part of Albright's diplomatic signature. International leaders were pleased to see her with a shimmering sun on her jacket or a cheerful ladybug; less so with a crab or a menacing wasp. Albright used pins to emphasize the importance of a negotiation, signify high hopes, protest the absence of progress, and show pride in representing America, among other purposes.

Part illustrated memoir, part social history, Read My Pins provides an intimate look at Albright's life through the brooches she wore. Her collection is both international and democratic—dime-store pins share pride of place with designer creations and family heirlooms. Included are the antique eagle purchased to celebrate Albright's appointment as secretary of state, the zebra pin she wore when meeting Nelson Mandela, and the Valentine's Day heart forged by Albright's five-year-old daughter. Read My Pins features more than 200 photographs, along with compelling and often humorous stories about jewelry, global politics, and the life of one of America's most accomplished and fascinating diplomats."

I totally just bought this book and can't WAIT to get it!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I'll do a full post on the Intercollegiate Metals Exhibition soon (it is an AWESOME show!!) but for now just wanted to quickly post some images of the piece I submitted to the show this year.
found silver spoons, silk thread, pearls
I had originally made that necklace I posted about a few days ago for the show, but after installation we decided we needed to fill more wall space so I had to finish this piece up. I think it needs about 50 more spoons:)
I am still working this piece out in my mind, but it makes reference to family collections, antique spoon collections, heirlooms, domestic objects passed from generation to generation etc. If you have any thoughts, critiques, commentary or criticism it is welcome.
Thanks for looking.
More images and larger size photos can be found here.

Monday, October 5, 2009


I finished my piece (barely in the nick of time!) for the 10x10 benefit show at Mesa Art Center. Its laser engraved wood, copper, sterling silver, embroidery and a pearl. The little circle piece comes off as a detachable brooch, so it can live on the wall when you aren't wearing it. I couldn't make something without somehow making it wearable!!:)
Here are some photos to get your mouth watering (haha, jk!) for the show! Make sure to come out and support a great cause. All the details for the show are at the bottom of this post.
On October 10, 2009, there will be a benefit show at the Mesa Art Center. At the show they will have 10"x10" works for show and sale by 110 Arizona Artists. Each piece will be for sale for $100.00. First come, first pick and doors open at 6pm. All proceeds will benefit the Mesa Contemporary Arts Exhibitions and educational programs.
-$10 entrance fee at the door
-cash bar
I would love to see you all there. I LOVE the Mesa Art Center and think it is a great organization/facility to support. Come buy cool art for a good cause!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A new piece!

I can see this becoming a new series. I think. Maybe.
I tried a new clasp. It was fun...I like it a works really well:) I love how it totally disappears into the chain when its closed.
sterling silver, copper, silk, embroidery thread, pearls

Friday, October 2, 2009

4th Annual Intercollegiate Metals Exhibition

Its that time again! We here at ASU Metals are getting ready to host our 4th Annual Intercollegiate Metals Exhibition.
2009 Participating Institutions
Arizona State University
East Carolina University
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Long Beach City College
San Diego State University
University of Kansas
University of Wisconsin-Madison
The exhibition will be held in Gallery 100 at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona.
Show Dates: October 5-15, 2009
Opening Reception: October 5, 2009 - 7-9pm
I am really excited about the show...there is a TON of really awesome work in it this year! Hopefully I will have the catalog finished sometime this week and it will be available for purchase soon! That way you all can enjoy the show even if you can't come see it!
Oh, and I got to design the postcard for this one too. I LOVE all the color in the images this year! Its going to be a great show!